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kolf Kolf

miniature golf game for KDE

71,533 users

rhythmbox Rhythmbox

music player and organizer for GNOME

1,380,004 users

alien-arena Alien Arena

Standalone 3D first person online deathmatch shooter

41,785 users

network-manager-gnome Network Manager

network management framework (GNOME frontend)

1,453,702 users

kate Kate

KDE 4 Advanced Text Editor

259,923 users

openclipart-openoffice.org Open ClipArt

clip art for OpenOffice.org gallery

66,718 users

devede DeVeDe

simple application to create Video DVDs

94,572 users

axel-kapt Axel

light download accelerator - graphical front-end

4,430 users

openoffice.org-impress OpenOffice.org Presentation

office productivity suite -- presentation

1,562,182 users

xmoto Xmoto

2D motocross platform game

37,226 users

gmountiso Gmount-iso

This is Gmountiso, a PyGTK GUI to mount your cd images

81,533 users

kdebluetooth kbluetooth

Transitional package for kdebluetooth to kbluetooth upgrades

220,861 users

kopete Kopete

instant messenger for KDE 4

264,948 users

wormux Wormux

funny fight game on 2D maps

53,524 users

gcalctool Calculator

GNOME desktop calculator

1,502,360 users

deluge Deluge BitTorrent Client

bittorrent client written in Python/PyGTK

46,207 users

nautilus-cd-burner CD/DVD Creator

CD Burning front-end for Nautilus

856,256 users

mysql-admin MySQL Administrator

GUI tool for intuitive MySQL administration

94,947 users

openoffice.org-math OpenOffice.org Formula

office productivity suite -- equation editor

1,379,089 users

lmms Linux MultiMedia Studio

Linux Multimedia Studio

36,088 users

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