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blueproximity BlueProximity

locks/unlocks your desktop tracking a bluetooth device

11,334 users

blueman Bluetooth Manager

A Graphical bluetooth manager

21,324 users

bmon bmon

portable bandwidth monitor and rate estimator

7,811 users

boa-constructor Boa Constructor

RAD tool for Python and wxWindows application

8,825 users

boats Boat Scenario

a race scenario drawing tool

342 users

boinc-manager BOINC Manager

GUI to control and monitor the BOINC core client

29,843 users

bomber Bomber

arcade spaceship game for KDE

27,978 users

bomberclone Bomberclone

free Bomberman clone

18,831 users

bookmarkbridge Bookmarkbridge

tool to synchronize bookmarks between browsers

5,639 users

bum BootUp-Manager

graphical runlevel editor

81,307 users

boswars Bos Wars

futuristic real-time strategy game

10,161 users

boson Boson

core package for Boson

9,639 users

bouml BOUML

UML2 tool box to specify and generate code

11,265 users

bouncy Bouncy the Hungry Rabbit

eat the yummy veggies in the garden - game for small kids

7,179 users

bovo Bovo

gomoku board game for KDE

28,864 users

bpython bpython

fancy curses interface to the Python interactive interpreter

1,578 users

brasero Brasero

CD/DVD burning application for GNOME

1,110,182 users

briquolo Briquolo

Fast paced 3d Breakout

16,704 users

brutalchess Brutal Chess

3d chess with reflection of the chessmen

24,490 users

bsc bsc

graphical file manager with two panels

7,860 users