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spring-mods-kernelpanic Kernel Panic

The Kernel Panic game for the Spring engine, a fast-paced RTS with no economy

1,865 users

bzr Bazaar Version Control System

easy to use distributed version control system

78,584 users

mysql-client MySQL Client

MySQL database client (metapackage depending on the latest version)

122,185 users

pidgin-otr Pidgin Internet Messenger Off-the-Record Plugin

Off-the-Record Messaging plugin for pidgin

792,912 users

lxde LXDE (the Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment)

Meta-package for the Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment

7,562 users

nvidia-glx-185 NVidia binary X.Org driver ('version 185' driver)

Transitional package for nvidia-glx-185

87,695 users

spamassassin Spamassassin

Perl-based spam filter using text analysis

42,511 users

mysql-server MySQL Server

MySQL database server (metapackage depending on the latest version)

196,081 users

unace ACE

extract, test and view .ace archives

120,935 users

nvidia-glx-96 NVidia binary X.Org driver ('version 96' driver)

Transitional package for nvidia-glx-96

21,021 users

pidgin-plugin-pack Pidgin Internet Messenger Plugin Pack

Collection of Pidgin plugins

70,934 users

xubuntu-restricted-extras Xubuntu restricted extras

Commonly used restricted packages for Xubuntu

47,004 users

gnome-office Gnome Office

The GNOME Office suite

21,262 users

nvidia-glx-173 NVidia binary X.Org driver ('version 173' driver)

Transitional package for nvidia-glx-173

37,268 users

icedtea6-plugin Icedtea Java Plugin

web browser plugin based on OpenJDK and IcedTea to execute Java applets

202,386 users

openclipart-openoffice.org Open ClipArt

clip art for OpenOffice.org gallery

66,718 users

network-manager-gnome Network Manager

network management framework (GNOME frontend)

1,453,702 users

xorg-driver-fglrx ATI binary X.Org driver

Transitional package for xorg-driver-fglrx

160,976 users

kubuntu-restricted-extras Kubuntu restricted extras

Commonly used restricted packages for Kubuntu

80,167 users

totem-xine Movie Player Totem (xine backend)

A simple media player for the GNOME desktop (transitional package)

194,279 users