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usb-creator-gtk USB Startup Disk Creator

Ubuntu startup disk creator for GTK+

406,255 users

language-selector-qt Language Support

Language selector for Kubuntu Linux

229,764 users

usb-creator-kde USB Startup Disk Creator

Ubuntu USB desktop image creator for KDE

47,710 users

virt-manager Virtual Machine Manager

desktop application for managing virtual machines

21,478 users

clusterssh ClusterSSH

administer multiple ssh or rsh shells simultaneously

6,875 users

kuser KUser

user and group administration tool for KDE 4

112,061 users

gui-apt-key APT Key Manager

Graphical Key Manager for APT

9,702 users

galternatives Alternatives Configurator

graphical setup tool for the alternatives system

19,162 users

configure-debian Configure-Debian

central configuration program for packages using debconf

17,244 users

controlaula Classrooom control

Classroom management tool

514 users

nvtv Nvtv TV Out

tool to control TV chips on NVidia cards under Linux

15,747 users

inkblot Inkblot

GNOME ink level monitor

9,319 users

packagesearch Debian Package Search

GUI for searching packages and viewing package information

11,506 users

sbackup Simple Backup Config

Simple Backup Suite for desktop use

60,525 users

partitionmanager KDE Partition Manager

A partition management utility

11,358 users

smartpm Smart Package Manager

An alternative package manager that works with dpkg/rpm

7,376 users

mgm MGM System Monitor

A highly configurable, very gaudy system load meter

13,359 users

driftnet Driftnet

Picks out and displays images from network traffic

5,810 users

kontrolpack KontrolPack

network controller

628 users

battery-stats Battery Charge Graph

collects statistics about charge of laptop batteries

3,132 users