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system-config-kickstart Kickstart

graphical tool for creating Kickstart files

6,196 users

xenwatch xenwatch

Virtualization utilities, mostly for Xen

1,331 users

fslint FSlint

A utility to fix problems with filesystems' data, like duplicate files

22,075 users

goplay GoPlay!

games (and more) package browser using DebTags

3,117 users

pessulus Lockdown Editor

lockdown editor for GNOME

35,820 users

bacula-traymonitor Bacula Monitor

network backup, recovery and verification - tray monitor

2,462 users

gadmin-samba GADMIN-SAMBA

GTK+ configuration tool for samba

16,133 users

gapti GAptI Remote Software Installer

tool to process .apt files

5,264 users

gtimelog Time Tracker

minimal timelogging system

3,700 users

cryptkeeper Cryptkeeper

EncFS system tray applet for GNOME

8,010 users

system-config-lvm Logical Volume Management

A utility for graphically configuring Logical Volumes

5,181 users

gadmin-squid GADMIN-SQUID

GTK+ configuration tool for squid

3,650 users

isag Isag System Activity Grapher

Interactive System Activity Grapher for sysstat

1,449 users

gadmin-dhcpd GADMIN-DHCPD

GTK+ configuration tool for dhcpd3-server

4,103 users

gadmin-proftpd GADMIN-PROFTPD

GTK+ configuration tool for proftpd

7,100 users

gkdebconf GkDebconf

Helper to reconfigure packages with Debconf

7,546 users

gadmin-openvpn-client GADMIN-OPENVPN-Client

GTK+ configuration tool for openvpn (client)

4,181 users

gadmin-rsync GAdmin-Rsync

GTK+ configuration tool for rsync

4,388 users

keytouch-editor KeyTouch Editor

create keyboard files for keytouch

4,772 users

gadmin-openvpn-server GADMIN-OPENVPN-Server

GTK+ configuration tool for openvpn (server)

3,060 users