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gmerlin Gmerlin player

a multiformat media player

2,089 users

quark Quark Music Player

music player daemon controlled from the gnome panel or cli

3,153 users

qmidiarp QMidiArp

MIDI arpeggiator for ALSA

4,843 users

gimmix Gimmix

graphical music player daemon (MPD) client using GTK+2

2,389 users

kmidimon kmidimon

MIDI monitor using ALSA sequencer and KDE user interface

1,847 users

kluppe Kluppe

a loop-player and recorder designed for live use

4,463 users

lyricue Lyricue

The GNU Lyric Display System

2,566 users

qsynth QSynth

fluidsynth MIDI sound synthesiser front-end

40,511 users

galan gAlan

modular audio processing and synthesis system

5,129 users

qsampler QSampler

LinuxSampler GUI frontend based on the Qt toolkit

9,822 users

qtractor Qtractor

MIDI/Audio multi-track sequencer application

3,890 users

bitmeter Bitmeter

diagnosis tool for JACK audio software

13,237 users

genpo Genpo

GENeral Purpose Organ

23,169 users

kaconnect KAConnect

Connection utility for the ALSA sequencer system

4,886 users

mhwaveedit mhWaveEdit

Simple and fast GTK2 sound editor

5,084 users

qmidiroute QMidiRoute

MIDI router and filter utility

3,961 users

ripoff RipOff

modular and intuitive GTK+-based CD-ripper

7,374 users

seq24 Seq24

Real time MIDI sequencer

33,764 users

freewheeling FreeWheeling

live looping musical instrument

6,535 users

puredata PureData

realtime computer music and graphics system

35,209 users