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xoo Xoo

graphical wrapper around Xnest/Xephyr

2,369 users

wininfo X Window Information

displays information about X windows under the mouse cursor

5,046 users

python-wxglade wxGlade

GUI designer written in Python with wxPython

19,959 users

wxformbuilder wxFormBuilder

WYSIWYG GUI Designer and Code Generator for wxWidgets

4,996 users

winpdb Winpdb

Platform independent Python debugger

10,611 users

winefish Winefish LaTeX Editor

LaTeX Editor based on Bluefish

20,685 users

firefox-webdeveloper Web Developer toolbar for Firefox

transitional dummy package

30,660 users

visualvm VisualVM

All-in-One Java Troubleshooting Tool

2,464 users

virtaal Virtaal

graphical localisation editor

831 users

usbprog-gui USBprog

GUI firmware programming tool for the USBprog hardware

3,037 users

upnp-inspector UPnP Inspector

Python UPnP framework analyser

1,480 users

gupnp-tools UPnP AV Control Point

tools for testing UPnP devices and control points

3,369 users

umbrello Umbrello

UML modelling tool and code generator

35,791 users

tora TOra

A graphical toolkit for database developers and administrators

8,337 users

tkdiff TkDiff File Comparison

graphical side by side "diff" utility

9,362 users

tkcvs tkcvs

A graphical front-end to CVS and Subversion

4,155 users

sysprof Sysprof Profiler

A system-wide Linux profiler

2,376 users

svn-workbench SVN Workbench

A Workbench for Subversion

9,606 users

subcommander Subcommander

Graphical client for Subversion

5,062 users

sqlitebrowser SQLite database browser

GUI editor for SQLite databases

13,554 users