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achilles Achilles Life Simulator

An artificial life and evolution simulator

15,143 users

adun.app Adun

Molecular Simulator for GNUstep

3,342 users

survex-aven Aven Cave Surveying Tool

sophisticated cave survey viewer for Survex

1,960 users

avogadro Avogadro

Molecular Graphics and Modelling System

4,239 users

basic256 BASIC-256

educational BASIC programming environment for children

6,784 users

bauble Bauble

biodiversity collection manager software application

759 users

bibletime BibleTime

A bible study tool for Qt

14,676 users

biococoa.app BioCocoa

biological sequence file format conversion applet for GNUstep

1,077 users

bkchem BKchem

Python based chemical structures editor

4,709 users

blinken Blinken

KDE 4 version of the Simon electronic memory game

32,512 users

boats Boat Scenario

a race scenario drawing tool

342 users

cadabra Cadabra

field-theory motivated computer algebra system

1,014 users

carmetal CaRMetal

dynamic geometry software with highly ergonomic UI

2,788 users

celestia-glut Celestia (GLUT)

A real-time visual space simulation (GLUT frontend)

13,292 users

celestia-gnome Celestia (GNOME)

A real-time visual space simulation (GNOME frontend)

36,565 users

chemtool Chemtool

Chemical structures drawing program

8,711 users

childsplay Childsplay

Suite of educational games for young children

30,866 users

controlaula Classrooom control

Classroom management tool

514 users

clustalx Clustal??X

Multiple alignment of nucleic acid and protein sequences (graphical interface)

2,314 users

ncbi-tools-x11 Cn3D NCBI Database Viewer

NCBI libraries for biology applications (X-based utilities)

3,695 users

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