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survex-svxedit SvxEdit Cave Survey Data Editor

survey data editor for Survex

885 users

gabedit Gabedit QC-GUI

graphical user interface to Ab Initio packages

1,874 users

gdis GDIS Molecule Modeller

molecular and crystal model viewer

4,385 users

qliss3d Qliss3D

demonstration tool for Lissajous figures

2,034 users

pauker Pauker

generic card based learning program

658 users

xmakemol XMakemol

A program for visualizing atomic and molecular systems

2,584 users

tree-puzzle tree-puzzle

Reconstruction of phylogenetic trees by maximum likelihood

2,230 users

graphmonkey Graphmonkey

a GTK#-based graphing calculator

3,688 users

extrema eXtrema

powerful visualization and data analysis tool

2,304 users

seaview SeaView

Multiplatform interface for sequence alignment and phylogeny

1,902 users

fastlink unknown

A faster version of pedigree programs of Linkage

1,764 users

ifrit IFRIT 3D Data Visualization

a powerful tool for visualizing 3-dimensional data sets

2,318 users


Statistical analysis tool

4,563 users

kayali Kayali

A Qt-based Computer Algebra System

3,775 users

epigrass Epigrass

scientific tool for simulations and scenario analysis in network epidemiology

1,595 users

njplot NJplot

A phylogenetic tree drawing program

1,825 users

gausssum GaussSum

parse and display Gaussian, GAMESS, and etc's output

2,705 users

viewmol Viewmol

A graphical front end for computational chemistry programs.

3,115 users

reinteract Reinteract

Worksheet-based graphical Python shell

422 users

grace Grace

An XY plotting tool

7,786 users