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basic256 BASIC-256

educational BASIC programming environment for children

6,784 users

graphthing GraphThing

tool to create, manipulate and study graphs

6,603 users

r-cran-rcmdr R Commander

GNU R platform-independent basic-statistics GUI

6,122 users

tipptrainer Tipptrainer Typing Tutor

A program to learn touch typing

6,090 users

praat Praat Speech Analyzer

program for speech analysis and synthesis

6,026 users

kanatest Kana test

beginner's drill game to learn Japanese kana characters

6,012 users

lybniz Lybniz Graph Plotter

mathematical function graph plotter

5,961 users

mnemosyne Mnemosyne

spaced repetition flash-card program

5,904 users

rlplot Rlplot Graph Generator

Generate publication quality graphs

5,691 users

tkgate tkgate Circuit Simulator

Event driven digital circuit simulator with Tcl/Tk

5,630 users

gns3 gns3 Graphical Network Simulator

graphical network simulator

5,356 users

rkward RKWard

a KDE frontend to the R statistics language

5,350 users

xdrawchem xdrawchem Chemistry Editor

Chemical structures and reactions editor

4,976 users

ghemical ghemical

A GNOME molecular modelling environment

4,821 users

bkchem BKchem

Python based chemical structures editor

4,709 users

gmsh Gmsh Mesh Generator

three-dimensional finite element mesh generator

4,589 users


Statistical analysis tool

4,563 users

fraqtive Fraqtive

draws Mandelbrot and Julia fractals

4,474 users

k3dsurf K3DSurf

tool for mathematical surfaces

4,469 users

xoscope Xoscope

digital oscilloscope

4,464 users