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kiten Kiten

Japanese reference and study aid for KDE 4

22,910 users

labplot LabPlot

data plotting and function analysis tool for KDE

7,226 users

pysycache Pysycache Admin

Educational game to teach children to use the mouse

2,849 users

survex-aven Aven Cave Surveying Tool

sophisticated cave survey viewer for Survex

1,960 users

freespeak FreeSpeak

GNOME frontend to online translator engines

7,047 users

boats Boat Scenario

a race scenario drawing tool

342 users

starplot StarPlot Star Chart Viewer

3-dimensional perspective star map viewer

9,625 users

etoys eToys

A media-rich model, simulation construction kit and authoring tool

2,670 users

planets Planets

Gravitation simulation of planetary bodies

9,040 users

gmsh Gmsh Mesh Generator

three-dimensional finite element mesh generator

4,589 users

jclic JClic

Tool for the development & use of multimedia educational activities

2,719 users

chemtool Chemtool

Chemical structures drawing program

8,711 users

merkaartor Merkaartor

map editor for OpenStreetMap.org

3,752 users

kalgebra KAlgebra

algebraic graphing calculator for KDE 4

35,887 users

kwordquiz KWordQuiz

flashcard learning program for KDE 4

57,386 users

drgeo Dr.Geo

An interactive geometry software

10,956 users

ncbi-tools-x11 Cn3D NCBI Database Viewer

NCBI libraries for biology applications (X-based utilities)

3,695 users

kbruch KBruch

fraction learning aid for KDE 4

60,142 users

bkchem BKchem

Python based chemical structures editor

4,709 users

g3data G3Data Graph Analyzer

extract data from scanned graphs

4,343 users