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dx OpenDX Data Explorer

OpenDX (IBM Visualization Data Explorer) - main package

3,938 users

openuniverse OpenUniverse Space Simulator

3D Universe Simulator

14,762 users

oregano Oregano

tool for schematical capture of electronic circuits

13,224 users

parley Parley

vocabulary trainer for KDE 4

33,174 users

pauker Pauker

generic card based learning program

658 users

perlprimer PerlPrimer

Graphical design of primers for PCR

2,616 users

planets Planets

Gravitation simulation of planetary bodies

9,040 users

praat Praat Speech Analyzer

program for speech analysis and synthesis

6,026 users

pymol PyMOL Molecular Graphics System

Molecular Graphics System

6,933 users

pysycache Pysycache Admin

Educational game to teach children to use the mouse

2,849 users

qliss3d Qliss3D

demonstration tool for Lissajous figures

2,034 users

qtiplot QtiPlot

data analysis and scientific plotting

7,694 users

qtoctave QtOctave

A Qt front-end to Octave

10,977 users

qucs Qucs

Quite Universal Circuit Simulator

10,195 users

r-cran-rcmdr R Commander

GNU R platform-independent basic-statistics GUI

6,122 users

rasmol RasMol (GTK version)

Visualize biological macromolecules

15,124 users

regina-normal Regina

3-manifold topology software with normal surface support

2,407 users

reinteract Reinteract

Worksheet-based graphical Python shell

422 users

rkward RKWard

a KDE frontend to the R statistics language

5,350 users

rlplot Rlplot Graph Generator

Generate publication quality graphs

5,691 users

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