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Install clicks is available in Ubuntu. [?]

stella Stella

Atari 2600 Emulator for SDL & X windows

4,401 users

mlterm Multilingual Terminal

MultiLingual TERMinal

2,924 users

e-uae E-UAE

The Egalitarian Ubiquitous Amiga Emulator

2,140 users

hotwire Hotwire Shell

Extensible graphical command execution shell

4,469 users

kamefu kamefu

KDE All Machine Emulator Frontend for Unix - binary files

8,751 users

qtemu QtEmu

graphical user interface for QEMU

7,547 users

faumachine FAUmachine

Virtual machine running in user mode

1,015 users

vice Commodore 128

The Versatile Commodore Emulator

5,688 users

evilvte evilvte

lightweight terminal emulator based on VTE

649 users

roxterm ROXTerm

Multi-tabbed GTK/VTE terminal emulator

1,923 users

sakura Sakura

simple but powerful libvte-based terminal emulator

448 users

terminal.app Terminal

Terminal Emulator for GNUstep

3,940 users