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fortune-mod fortune-mod

provides fortune cookies on demand

1,183,530 users

fortunes-min fortunes-min

Data files containing fortune cookies

1,181,628 users

gnome-games-common gnome-games-common

Common files for GNOME Games

395,962 users

gnugo gnugo

play the game of Go

18,212 users

granatier granatier

Bomberman clone for KDE

6,370 users

kdegames-card-data kdegames-card-data

card decks for KDE games

90,127 users

kdiamond-kde4 kdiamond-kde4

Transitional package

4,028 users

kigo kigo

Go boardgame for KDE

6,031 users

quadrapassel quadrapassel

Falling blocks game

180,692 users

abuse-sfx abuse-sfx

sound effects for Abuse

4,987 users

alien-arena-common alien-arena-common

Common files for Alien Arena client and server

6,231 users

alien-arena-data alien-arena-data

Game data files for Alien Arena

43,393 users

alien-arena-server alien-arena-server

Dedicated server for Alien Arena

4,108 users

angband angband

A single-player, text-based, dungeon simulation game.

4,279 users

assaultcube assaultcube

realistic first-person-shooter

6,778 users

assaultcube-data assaultcube-data

data files fro Assault Cube

7,189 users

blockade blockade

A sliding block game

3,235 users

bsdgames-nonfree bsdgames-nonfree

rogue, the classic dungeon exploration game

4,703 users

chocolate-doom chocolate-doom

Doom engine closely-compatible with vanilla doom

256 users

crafty crafty

state-of-the-art chess engine, compatible with xboard

8,088 users