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Install clicks is available in Ubuntu. [?]

fortune-mod fortune-mod

provides fortune cookies on demand

1,183,530 users

fortunes-min fortunes-min

Data files containing fortune cookies

1,181,628 users

wine Wine Microsoft Windows Compatibility Layer

Microsoft Windows Compatibility Layer (dummy package)

640,191 users

gnome-games-common gnome-games-common

Common files for GNOME Games

395,962 users

gnome-sudoku Sudoku

Sudoku number puzzle

384,221 users

gnome-mahjongg Mahjongg

Mahjongg tile solitaire game

382,351 users

aisleriot AisleRiot Solitaire

Solitaire card games

380,172 users

gnomine Mines

Minesweeper logic puzzle game

377,471 users

glchess Chess

Chess strategy game

295,708 users

gnotravex Tetravex

Tile puzzle game

290,217 users

gnect Four-in-a-Row

Four in a Row strategy game

290,130 users

iagno Iagno

Tile flipping strategy game

289,829 users

gnotski Klotski

Sliding block puzzle game

289,702 users

glines Five or More

Five or More puzzle game

289,604 users

gnibbles Nibbles

Worm arcade game

289,258 users

gtali Tali

Dice chance game

288,783 users

gnobots2 Robots

Avoid robots game

288,247 users

gbrainy gbrainy

brain teaser game and trainer to have fun and to keep your brain trained

188,383 users

quadrapassel quadrapassel

Falling blocks game

180,692 users

frozen-bubble-data frozen-bubble-data

Data files for Frozen-Bubble

115,356 users

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