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Install clicks is available in Ubuntu. [?]

bastet Bastard Tetris

Free clone of Tetris, featuring a bastard level

6,061 users

pixfrogger PIX Frogger

help the frog cross the street

4,148 users

ggz-gnome-client GGZ-Gnome

GGZ Gaming Zone: core client for the GNOME desktop

3,203 users

robocode Robocode

Java programming game based on battle tanks

2,200 users

pysycache Pysycache Admin

Educational game to teach children to use the mouse

2,849 users

gamine Gamine

an interactive game for young children

3,582 users

golly Golly

Game of Life simulator using hashlife algorithm

2,605 users

pq Progress Quest

Progress Quest is a "fire and forget" computer role-playing game

5,944 users

qgo qgo

Go client and full featured SGF editor

5,575 users

icebreaker IceBreaker

Break the iceberg

9,254 users

xword Xword

Reads and writes crossword puzzles in the Across Lite file format

2,797 users

zblast-x11 ZBlast

X11 version of zblast, shoot 'em up space game

4,188 users

gvrng GvRng

Interactive, introductory programming language

4,407 users

moon-lander Moonlander

An SDL game based on the classic moon lander

10,808 users

nethack-x11 X NetHack

dungeon crawl game - X11 interface

5,910 users

enemylines3 Enemylines3

semi-abstract first person 3d-shooter game

7,657 users

gtali Tali

Dice chance game

288,783 users

stormbaancoureur Stormbaan Coureur

simulated obstacle course for automobiles

4,201 users

csmash Cannon Smash

CannonSmash, a table tennis simulation game

7,553 users

flight-of-the-amazon-queen Flight of the Amazon Queen

a fantasy adventure game

13,807 users