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Install clicks is available in Ubuntu. [?]

widelands Widelands

fantasy real-time strategy game

17,157 users

netpanzer NetPanzer

online multiplayer tactical warfare game

7,472 users

pychess PyChess

chess graphical user interface for several chess engines

7,848 users

zatacka Zatacka

Arcade multiplayer game like nibbles

2,572 users

pyracerz pyRacerz

multiplayer top view 2D racing game

6,448 users

pyscrabble PyScrabble

a multiplayer scrabble implementation written in Python - client part

3,906 users

pyrocket Dream Cheeky Rocket Control

control Striker II and Dream Cheeky USB Missile Launchers

1,328 users

mupen64plus Mupen64Plus

plugin-based Nintendo 64 emulator

4,953 users

renpy-thequestion The Question

the question, a simple and complete Ren'Py game

1,164 users

funguloids Funguloids

space-flying-mushroom-picking-simulator game

684 users

oneisenough One Is Enough

2D platform game about the epic struggle of balls

1,335 users

xboing XBoing II

blockout game for X

3,498 users

gtetrinet GTetrinet

multiplayer tetris-like game

6,227 users

kanatest Kana test

beginner's drill game to learn Japanese kana characters

6,012 users

pioneers Pioneers

the Settlers of Catan board game

5,231 users

bouncy Bouncy the Hungry Rabbit

eat the yummy veggies in the garden - game for small kids

7,179 users

projectl ProjectL

sword action shooting

881 users

hedgewars Hedgewars

Worms style game

14,590 users

grhino GRhino

othello/reversi boardgame

4,918 users

fltk1.1-games FLTK Block Attack!

Fast Light Toolkit - example games: checkers, sudoku

6,162 users