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Install clicks is available in Ubuntu. [?]

llk-linux llk_linux

a mahjongg-like game written in GTK

1,012 users

yahtzeesharp YahtzeeSharp

game similar to poker with dice and less money

632 users

boson Boson

core package for Boson

9,639 users

gmchess Chinese chess

Chinese chess game (Xiangqi)

2,310 users

palapeli Palapeli

Palapeli jigsaw puzzle game

6,474 users

xqf XQF Game Server Browser

X-based Quake Server Browser

15,421 users

monster-masher Monster Masher

GPL'ed mash'em-up action game for GNOME

4,452 users

pangzero Pang Zero

action game that involves popping balloons with a harpoon

2,478 users

heroes-common Heroes

Collect powerups and avoid your opponents' trails

7,348 users

lordsawar LordsAWar

A clone of the popular SSG game Warlords II

5,149 users

teg T.E.G. client

Turn based strategy game

3,971 users

blobwars Metal Blob Solid

A platform shooting game

13,126 users

blockattack Block Attack - Rise of the Blocks

a puzzle game inspired by Tetris

4,490 users

pipewalker PipeWalker

Puzzle game - connect all computers to the net

5,020 users

sdl-ball SDL-Ball

brick-breaking game like DX-Ball/Arkanoid

1,989 users

balder2d Balder2D

A 2D shooter in zero gravity

6,522 users

ceferino Ceferino

action game similar to Super Pang

6,884 users

gnome-mud GNOME-Mud

The GNOME MUD client

5,478 users

kball KBall

game of skill and reflexes for all the family

2,564 users

biniax2 Biniax-2

logic game with arcade and tactics modes

2,664 users