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dopewars Dopewars

drug-dealing game set in streets of New York City

7,997 users

freedroidrpg Freedroid RPG

An isometric RPG influenced by Paradroid

8,488 users

gnomekiss GnomeKiSS

A KiSS paper doll viewer for GNOME

2,574 users

gnubg GNU Backgammon

graphical or console backgammon program with analysis

6,164 users

madbomber Mad Bomber

A Kaboom! clone

6,181 users

xmabacus Xabacus

simulation of the ancient calculator (Motif version)

1,337 users

koules koules

abstract space action game

4,809 users

uqm The Ur-Quan Masters

The Ur-Quan Masters - An inter-galatic adventure game

12,073 users

xscorch Xscorch

Clone of Scorched Earth

5,273 users

ksquares KSquares

Dots and Boxes game for KDE

28,000 users

nikwi Nikwi Deluxe

platform game where your goal is to collect candies

1,771 users

blocks-of-the-undead Blocks Of The Undead

Tetris Attack clone with spooky undertones

1,335 users

rott Rise of the Triad

Rise of the Triad -- The HUNT Begins

4,235 users

xmpuzzles xmbarrel

collection of puzzles for X (Motif version)

1,780 users

epiphany Epiphany

clone of Boulder Dash game

15,523 users

gnudoq GNUDoQ

An open source, graphical Su Doku generator and solver with printer support

5,029 users

titanion Titanion

strike down super high-velocity swooping insects

2,194 users

xboard XBoard

An X Window System Chess Board

11,105 users

xdemineur Xdemineur

Yet another minesweeper for X

677 users

battleball Battleball

soccer game played with tanks or helicopters

8,961 users