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love Löve Game

2D game development framework based on Lua and OpenGL

1,213 users

plee-the-bear Plee The Bear

2D platform game

1,345 users

burgerspace BurgerSpace

Avoid evil foodstuffs and make burgers

7,180 users

exult Exult

engine for Ultima VII (BG, FOV, SI, SS)

4,535 users

openbve OpenBVE

realistic 3D train/railway simulator (game engine)

2,212 users

criticalmass Criticalmass

Shoot-em-up a la galaxian

12,793 users

bugsx Bugsx

program to evolve biomorphs using genetic algorithms

4,809 users

gamazons Gamazons

Amazons boardgame for GNOME

2,363 users

holdingnuts HoldingNuts

poker client

802 users

openyahtzee Open Yahtzee

classic dice game of Yahtzee

1,602 users

njam Njam

pacman-like game with multiplayer support

4,980 users

ketm KETM

old school 2D-scrolling shooter

4,938 users

mmpong-gl mmpong-gl

massively multiplayer pong game client (OpenGL version)

456 users

xpuzzles xbarrel

collection of puzzles for X (plain X version)

4,953 users

hex-a-hop Hex-a-hop

puzzle game based on hexagonal tiles

4,063 users

netrek-client-cow Netrek

client for netrek online game

560 users

ghextris Ghextris

A Tetris-like game on a hexagonal grid

5,097 users

meritous Meritous

action-adventure dungeon crawl game

1,789 users

grande Grande

vertical shoot'em-up in the spirit of Xevious

2,153 users

hexalate Hexalate

Color matching puzzle

414 users