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shisen.app Shisen

Shisen-sho puzzle game for GNUstep

3,354 users

singularity Singularity

game where one becomes the singularity

10,584 users

laby Laby

Learn how to program with ants and spider webs

2,082 users

kteatime KTeaTime

KDE 4 utility for making a fine cup of tea

36,623 users

xmille Xmille

The classic game of Mille Bournes

1,690 users

kfourinline KFourInLine

Connect Four game for KDE

28,284 users

kdesnake KSnake

Snake race played against the computer

13,014 users

rrootage rRootage

arcade-style space shooting game

6,011 users

spout Spout

Tiny abstract black and white 2D cave-shooter

126 users

tumiki-fighters Tumiki Fighters

sticky 2D shooter

2,905 users

whichwayisup Which Way is Up

2D platform game with a slight rotational twist

3,092 users

mirrormagic MirrorMagic

Shoot around obstacles to collect energy using your beam.

2,208 users

trackballs Trackballs

An OpenGL-based game of marbles through a labyrinth

12,495 users

kiriki Kiriki

Yahtzee dice game for KDE

28,752 users

eboard eboard

GTK+ chessboard program

9,823 users

attal Attal

turn-based strategy game

5,448 users

balazarbrothers Balazar Brothers

3D puzzle game

4,563 users

luola Luola

multiplayer cave-flying game

2,894 users

tetzle Tetzle

Jigsaw puzzle game

669 users

liquidwar Liquid War

A truely original multiplayer wargame

11,904 users