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xabacus Xabacus

simulation of the ancient calculator (plain X version)

2,109 users

xshogi Xshogi

An X Window System Japanese Chess (Shogi) Board

2,688 users

pente Pente

Five in a row game for X and the console

899 users

krank Krank

is a game of dexterity where you match stones together

663 users

ggz-kde-games Fyrdman

GGZ Gaming Zone: game clients collection for KDE

9,325 users

holotz-castle Holotz Castle

platform game with high doses of mystery

9,569 users

peg-e Peg-E

peg elimination solitaire game

419 users

ballz B.A.L.L.Z.

B.A.L.L.Z. - platform/puzzle game where you control a rolling ball

3,315 users

bloboats Bloboats

a boat racing game

9,247 users

gplanarity gPlanarity

simple puzzle game involving untangling planar graphs

4,033 users

jigzo jigzo

Photo puzzle game for children

1,090 users

killbots Killbots

port of the classic BSD console game robots for KDE

23,609 users

biloba Biloba

turn based strategy board game for up to 4 players

2,630 users

londonlaw London Law

Scotland Yard board game with network support

3,729 users

xmahjongg xmahjongg

tile-based solitaire game

3,612 users

flobopuyo FloboPuyo

Clone of the PuyoPuyo game

6,622 users

blobandconquer Blob Wars : Blob And Conquer

A 3D platform shooting game

4,313 users

gnujump GNUjump

platform game where you have to jump up to survive

3,763 users

searchandrescue Search and rescue

fly aircraft to search (for) and rescue people in distress

3,966 users

overgod Overgod

bi-directional scrolling arcade game

3,793 users