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stroq StroQ

A Polarium/Chokkan Hitofude clone

1,603 users

gmult Multiplication Puzzle

figure out which letters are which numbers

2,852 users

jumpnbump Jump'n'Bump

cute multiplayer platform game with bunnies

6,167 users

pathological Pathological

puzzle game involving paths and marbles

6,730 users

gemdropx Gem Drop X

Gem Drop X is an interesting one-player puzzle game for X11

2,064 users

gtkatlantic GtkAtlantic

Game like Monopoly

2,275 users

ii-esu ii-esu

shooter game

1,411 users

lmemory LMemory

A children's game based on the "memory" card game

4,424 users

mah-jong Mah-Jong

The original Mah-Jong game

5,563 users

parsec47 PARSEC47

retromodern hispeed shmup

2,127 users

slingshot Slingshot

simple 2D shooting strategy game set in space, with gravity

3,811 users

defendguin Defendguin

defender clone with penguins

6,491 users

fillets-ng Fish Fillets

puzzle game about witty fish saving the world sokoban-style

10,307 users

mu-cade Mu-cade

the physics centipede invasion, smashup waggly shmup

2,258 users

noiz2sa Noiz2sa

abstract arcade shooter

1,662 users

atris Atris

tetris-like game with a twist for Unix

7,595 users

freedroid Freedroid

A clone of Paradroid - a strategic shoot-em up

6,087 users

gfpoken GFingerPoken

Recreate a grid of mirrors from clues given by tests

1,289 users

ggz-python-games Escape/SDL

GGZ Gaming Zone: game clients collection for SDL and Python

1,302 users

nethack-qt Qt NetHack

dungeon crawl game - Qt interface

5,745 users