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stepbill.app StepBill

Get rid of those nasty Wingdows viruses

2,453 users

sopwith Sopwith

port of the 1980's side-scrolling WWI dogfighting game

5,019 users

tworld Tile World

Chip's Challenge Game Engine Emulation

1,512 users

black-box Black-Box

Find the crystals

3,288 users

springlobby Spring Lobby

single/multiplayer lobby for the Spring RTS engine

4,862 users

torus-trooper-pure Torus Trooper Pure

variant of torus-trooper

472 users

gomoku.app Gomoku.app

Extended TicTacToe game for GNUstep

1,884 users

gridlock.app Gridlock

A collection of grid-based board games for GNUstep

1,706 users

mines.app Mines

Minesweeper for GNUstep

2,186 users

gtkballs GtkBalls

A simple logic game

1,614 users

pybridge PyBridge

An online contract bridge game. Gtk client

1,623 users

kiki-the-nano-bot Kiki the nano bot

a 3D puzzle game, mixing Sokoban and Kula-World

1,323 users

dodgindiamond2 Dodgin Diamond 2

Little shoot-'em-up arcade game for one or two players

3,095 users

primrose Primrose

compelling tile-placement puzzle game

557 users

gtans Tangrams

Tangram (puzzle) game using GTK+

4,748 users

micropolis Micropolis

real-time city management simulator

3,625 users

pathogen Pathogen

Puzzle game about matching 3D model structures

2,248 users

slashem-sdl SDL Slash'EM

A variant of Nethack (SDL window port)

2,890 users

spring-engine Spring

realtime strategy game

6,428 users

xoids Xoids

Asteroids game with powerups and color graphics

2,007 users