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hannah Help Hannah's Horse

pacman-like game, child oriented

4,209 users

renpy-demo Ren'Py Demo

framework for developing visual-novel type games - demo

2,014 users

solarwolf SolarWolf

Collect the boxes and don't become mad

8,131 users

vectoroids Vectoroids

vector-based rock-shooting

3,627 users

xoids Xoids

Asteroids game with powerups and color graphics

2,007 users

spring-engine Spring

realtime strategy game

6,428 users

freevial Freevial

trivia platform for community events

1,881 users

nighthawk Nighthawk

strategic shoot 'em up inspired by Paradroid

1,812 users

orbital-eunuchs-sniper Orbital Eunuchs Sniper

An anti-terrorist, pro-Eunuchs, satellite sniping game

6,043 users

slashem-x11 X Slash'EM

A variant of Nethack (X11 window port)

2,501 users

freedink-dfarc DFArc - Dink frontend

frontend and .dmod installer for GNU FreeDink

2,919 users

toppler Tower Toppler

clone of the "Nebulus" game on old 8 and 16 bit machines

6,122 users

torus-trooper Torus Trooper

speeding ship sailing through barrage

4,040 users

gravitywars Gravity Wars

clone of Gravity Force

4,868 users

gunroar Gunroar

360-degree gunboat shooter

3,978 users