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aisleriot AisleRiot Solitaire

Solitaire card games

380,172 users

abe Abe's Amazing Adventure

Side-scrolling game named "Abe's Amazing Adventure"

11,638 users

gnome-chess Chess

chess client for the GNOME desktop environment

14,948 users

adanaxisgpl Adanaxis

Action game in four spatial dimensions

12,476 users

fretsonfire-game Frets on Fire

game of musical skill and fast fingers - Game files

23,086 users

a7xpg A7Xpg

chase action game

6,562 users

gnibbles Nibbles

Worm arcade game

289,258 users

atanks Atomic Tanks

tank-battling game

16,253 users

glest Glest

a free 3D real-time customizable strategy game

22,734 users

trigger-rally Trigger

free 3D rally racing car game

6,914 users

tuxmath TuxMath

math game for kids with Tux

51,589 users

sauerbraten Sauerbraten

3D first-person game engine

23,309 users

gnome-hearts Hearts

The classic hearts card game for the GNOME desktop

21,936 users

konquest Konquest

simple turn-based strategy game for KDE

68,202 users

kbounce KBounce

Jezzball arcade game for KDE

69,865 users

monkey-bubble Monkey Bubble

game in which you must explode all bubbles

12,869 users

cuyo Cuyo

Tetris-like game with very impressive effects

11,552 users

gnome-mahjongg Mahjongg

Mahjongg tile solitaire game

382,351 users

bzflag BZFlag

a 3D first person tank battle game

20,142 users

simutrans Simutrans

transportation simulator

7,171 users