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Install clicks is available in Ubuntu. [?]

tipptrainer Tipptrainer Typing Tutor

A program to learn touch typing

6,090 users

kbreakout KBreakOut

Breakout arcade game for KDE

33,964 users

amor AMOR

KDE 4 desktop companion

43,572 users

scummvm ScummVM

free implementation of LucasArts' SCUMM interpreter

42,184 users

balazar Balazar

adventure/action game Balazar -- Arkanae II, reforged scepters

17,264 users

kamefu kamefu

KDE All Machine Emulator Frontend for Unix - binary files

8,751 users

dreamchess Dreamchess

a 3D chess game

20,289 users

tennix Tennix!

2D tennis game

4,991 users

bomberclone Bomberclone

free Bomberman clone

18,831 users

pykaraoke-bin PyKaraoke Mini

free CDG/MIDI/MPEG karaoke player

8,673 users

pengupop Pengupop

Online multiplayer clone of Bust a Move

4,121 users

beneath-a-steel-sky Beneath A Steel Sky

a science fiction adventure game

20,116 users

klines Kolor Lines

color lines game for KDE

59,072 users

freedoom Freedoom

free game files for the 3D game DOOM

14,456 users

viruskiller Virus Killer

Game about viruses invading your computer

7,503 users

gnobots2 Robots

Avoid robots game

288,247 users

ksame SameGame

SameGame puzzle game for KDE

60,062 users

neverputt Neverputt

3D miniature golf game

8,889 users

kspaceduel KSpaceDuel

SpaceWar! arcade game for KDE

62,465 users

enemylines7 Enemylines7

first person 3d-shooter game

11,980 users