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freealchemist FreeAlchemist

simpler figure block game

1,246 users

kgoldrunner KGoldrunner

Lode Runner arcade game for KDE

63,884 users

granule Granule

flashcard program for learning new words

5,093 users

khangman KHangMan

Hangman word puzzle for KDE 4

63,282 users

xsabre SABRE

fighter plane simulator for X11

6,350 users

gnomine Mines

Minesweeper logic puzzle game

377,471 users

ksirk KsirK

Risk strategy game for KDE

31,836 users

spring-mods-kernelpanic Kernel Panic

The Kernel Panic game for the Spring engine, a fast-paced RTS with no economy

1,865 users

gltron glTron

3D lightcycle game

13,679 users

wesnoth Battle for Wesnoth

fantasy turn-based strategy game - complete suite

50,656 users

alex4 Alex the Allegator 4

Alex the Allegator 4 - a retro platform game

5,566 users

quarry Quarry

Board games Go, Amazons, and Reversi (a.k.a. Othello)

5,353 users

freecol FreeCol

an open version of Colonization

15,466 users

gnome-breakout GNOME Breakout

Clone of the classic game Breakout, written for GNOME

16,440 users

gsoko Sokoban

sokoban game for GPE

3,017 users

einstein Einstein

Puzzle game inspired on Einstein's puzzle

12,388 users

glob2 Globulation 2

innovative state-of-the-art Real Time Strategy (RTS) game

17,613 users

katomic KAtomic

atomix puzzle game for KDE

61,958 users

kblackbox KBlackBox

Black Box puzzle game for KDE

60,896 users

python-poker2d poker2D

GTK poker client to play on a poker-network server

3,741 users