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snowballz SnowballZ

fun RTS game featuring snowball fights with penguins

7,928 users

lskat LSkat

Lieutnant Skat card game for KDE

59,389 users

kanagram Kanagram

jumble word puzzle for KDE 4

61,379 users

amphetamine Amphetamine

jump'n run game with unique visual effects

10,533 users

ri-li Ri-li

a toy train simulation game

11,555 users

bomber Bomber

arcade spaceship game for KDE

27,978 users

pouetchess pouetChess

3D chess game

7,692 users

barrage Barrage

Rather violent action game

15,446 users

gmameui GMAMEUI Arcade Machine Emulator Frontend

front-end for the arcade games emulator MAME

3,727 users

bovo Bovo

gomoku board game for KDE

28,864 users

antigravitaattori Antigravitaattori

Multiplayer flying saucer racing game

8,439 users

briquolo Briquolo

Fast paced 3d Breakout

16,704 users

cgoban Cgoban

complete Go board

10,889 users

kjumpingcube KJumpingCube

simple tactical game for KDE

58,653 users

circuslinux Circus Linux!

The clowns are trying to pop balloons to score points!

11,915 users

egoboo Egoboo

3D dungeon crawling adventure in the spirit of NetHack

14,805 users

boswars Bos Wars

futuristic real-time strategy game

10,161 users

bugsquish Bug Squish

Bugs are trying to suck blood out of your arm!

8,079 users

kreversi KReversi

reversi board game for KDE

61,450 users

lgeneral Lgeneral

A "Panzer General" - like game

8,815 users