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vlc VLC media player

multimedia player and streamer

517,392 users

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msttcorefonts Microsoft Core Fonts

transitional dummy package

424,538 users

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mplayer MPlayer

movie player for Unix-like systems

474,031 users

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picasa Picasa - Google

Image management application from Google

88,232 users


pdfedit PDF Editor

Editor for manipulating PDF documents

60,083 users

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camorama Camorama Webcam Viewer

gnome utility to view and save images from a webcam

70,176 users

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supertuxkart Supertuxkart

kart racing game

48,434 users

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smplayer SMPlayer

complete front-end for MPlayer

57,234 users

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salasaga Salasaga

IDE for development of eLearning applications

1,516 users

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evince Document Viewer

Document (postscript, pdf) viewer

1,105,620 users

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inkscape Inkscape Vector Graphics Editor

vector-based drawing program

208,657 users

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torcs TORCS

3D racing cars simulator game using OpenGL

32,325 users

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dvdrip dvd::rip

perl front end for transcode and ffmpeg

100,937 users

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winff WinFF

graphical video and audio batch converter using ffmpeg

21,203 users

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avidemux Avidemux (GTK+)

a free video editor - GTK version

117,774 users

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blender Blender (windowed)

Very fast and versatile 3D modeller/renderer

101,133 users

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eog Image Viewer

Eye of GNOME graphics viewer program

1,087,829 users

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me-tv Me TV

Me TV, it's TV for me computer

12,943 users

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kino Kino

Non-linear editor for Digital Video data

124,555 users

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helix-player Helix Player

Helix audio and video player

38,692 users

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