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gscan2pdf gscan2pdf

A GUI to produce PDFs from scanned documents

23,194 users

gthumb gThumb Image Viewer

an image viewer and browser

562,618 users

gtk-recordmydesktop gtk-recordMyDesktop

Graphical frontend for recordmydesktop screencast tool

54,244 users

gtkam Gtkam Digital Camera Browser

application for retrieving media from digital cameras

17,588 users

guvcview guvcview

GTK+ base UVC Viewer

5,519 users

gwenview Gwenview

image viewer for KDE 4

238,065 users

gwyddion Gwyddion

Scanning Probe Microscopy visualization and analysis tool

1,618 users

hocr-gtk hocr

GTK+ frontend for Hebrew OCR

3,122 users

hugin Hugin panorama creator

GUI tools for Hugin

58,948 users

eog Image Viewer

Eye of GNOME graphics viewer program

1,451,852 users

gpicview Image Viewer

lightweight image viewer

53,756 users

imagej ImageJ

Image processing program inspired by NIH Image for the Macintosh

3,253 users

imgseek imgSeek

image viewer and manager with content based query

4,448 users

imview Imview Image Viewer

Image viewing and analysis application

3,763 users

inkscape Inkscape Vector Graphics Editor

vector-based drawing program

279,569 users

ipe IPE drawing editor

drawing editor for creating figures in PDF or PS formats

5,304 users

iriverter iriverter

converts video for use on various multimedia players

15,558 users

k3d K-3D

3D modeling and animation system

15,523 users

kallery Kallery

Image gallery generator for the KDE

3,630 users

kamoso Kamoso

Tool to take pictures and videos from your webcam

3,301 users