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fyre Fyre

interactively renders Peter de Jong maps (chaotic functions)

3,372 users

gliv Gliv

image viewer using gdk-pixbuf and OpenGL

3,368 users

kgrab KGrab

screenshot utility for KDE 4

3,340 users

kamoso Kamoso

Tool to take pictures and videos from your webcam

3,301 users

freevo Freevo

home theater framework - binaries

3,275 users

imagej ImageJ

Image processing program inspired by NIH Image for the Macintosh

3,253 users

darkroom Darkroom

image manipulation tool

3,252 users

cenon.app Cenon

Vector graphics tool for GNUstep

3,238 users

tex-guy DVI Viewer

miscellaneous utilities using DVIlib

3,211 users

nip2 nip2

spreadsheet-like graphical image manipulation tool

3,208 users

evolvotron Evolvotron

Generator of textures through interactive evolution

3,171 users

gpscorrelate-gui GPSCorrelate

correlates digital photos with GPS data filling EXIF fields (GUI)

3,148 users

hocr-gtk hocr

GTK+ frontend for Hebrew OCR

3,122 users

cbrpager Cbrpager

viewer for CBR, CBZ and CB7 (comic book archive) files

2,740 users

amide Amide

software for Medical Imaging

2,635 users

sunflow Sunflow

rendering system for photo-realistic image synthesis

2,526 users

salasaga Salasaga

IDE for development of eLearning applications

2,434 users

posterazor PosteRazor

cuts raster images into multipage PDF documents

2,224 users

screenie-qt Screenie

fancy screenshot composer

2,083 users

qliss3d Qliss3D

demonstration tool for Lissajous figures

2,034 users