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kdebase-runtime KNetAttach

runtime components from the official KDE 4 release

537,743 users

k3b K3b

A sophisticated CD/DVD burning application

435,831 users

amarok Amarok

easy to use media player based on the KDE 4 technology platform

420,708 users

konsole Konsole

X terminal emulator for KDE 4

365,058 users

kfind Find Files/Folders

file search utility for KDE 4

348,124 users

dolphin Dolphin

file manager for KDE 4

274,841 users

ark Ark

archive utility for KDE 4

267,983 users

kopete Kopete

instant messenger for KDE 4

264,948 users

kaddressbook KAddressBook

KDE address book

264,659 users

kate Kate

KDE 4 Advanced Text Editor

259,923 users

korganizer KOrganizer

KDE personal organizer

258,408 users

ksysguard System Monitor

System Guard for KDE 4

257,972 users

ksnapshot KSnapshot

screen capture tool for KDE 4

253,284 users

ktorrent KTorrent

BitTorrent client based on the KDE platform

252,637 users

kmail KMail

KDE Email client

250,566 users

kmix KMix

volume control and mixer for KDE 4

249,523 users

knotes KNotes

KDE sticky notes

246,662 users

akregator Akregator

RSS feed aggregator for KDE

243,493 users

kdepasswd Change Password

password changer for KDE 4

241,766 users

kwalletmanager KWalletManager

secure password wallet manager for KDE 4

239,020 users

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