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noteedit NoteEdit

KDE Music Editor

10,619 users

kappfinder Menu Updating Tool

non-KDE application finder for KDE 4

63,231 users

kcoloredit KColorEdit

color palette file editor for KDE 4

23,422 users

kimagemapeditor KImageMapEditor

HTML image map editor for KDE 4

43,277 users

kiconedit KIconEdit

icon editor for KDE 4

24,593 users

kzenexplorer kZenExplorer

manage tracks and playlists on Creative Labs Nomad Jukeboxes

2,425 users

kcharselect KCharSelect

special character utility for KDE 4

39,956 users

kapptemplate KAppTemplate

KDE 4 application template generator

15,254 users

kyamo Kyamo

music organizer for KDE

2,538 users

killbots Killbots

port of the classic BSD console game robots for KDE

23,609 users

ggz-kde-games Fyrdman

GGZ Gaming Zone: game clients collection for KDE

9,325 users

keurocalc KEuroCalc

universal currency converter and calculator - binary package

2,882 users

krename KRename

powerful batch renamer for KDE

22,053 users

qtodo QToDo

ToDo List manager

2,497 users

komparator Komparator

directories comparator for KDE

5,777 users

rsibreak RSIBreak

utility to help prevent repetitive strain injury for KDE 4

2,914 users

klinkstatus-kde3 KLinkStatus

web link validity checker for KDE

8,534 users

kiriki Kiriki

Yahtzee dice game for KDE

28,752 users

konsolekalendar KonsoleKalendar

KDE konsole personal organizer

36,296 users

qliss3d Qliss3D

demonstration tool for Lissajous figures

2,034 users

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