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kcheckgmail KCheckGMail

A Gmail notifier-like notifier for KDE

5,258 users

kapman Kapman

Pac-Man clone for KDE

27,280 users

backintime-kde Back In Time

KDE front-end for backintime

991 users

kphotoalbum KPhotoAlbum

tool for indexing, searching and viewing images by keywords for KDE

6,677 users

frescobaldi Frescobaldi

LilyPond sheet music editor for KDE4

947 users

kwrite KWrite

text editor for KDE 4

28,823 users

qgo qgo

Go client and full featured SGF editor

5,575 users

kita2 Kita2

2ch-like BBS browser for KDE user

299 users

ifpgui ifpgui

QT based manager for iRiver iFP audio players

3,219 users

qalculate-kde Qalculate!

Powerful and easy to use desktop calculator - KDE version

3,731 users

kiten Kiten

Japanese reference and study aid for KDE 4

22,910 users

labplot LabPlot

data plotting and function analysis tool for KDE

7,226 users

fraqtive Fraqtive

draws Mandelbrot and Julia fractals

4,474 users

kallery Kallery

Image gallery generator for the KDE

3,630 users

zanshin Zanshin

Todo List Manager

420 users

knmap knmap

KDE interface to nmap, the Network Mapper

8,432 users

klettres KLettres

foreign alphabet tutor for KDE 4

42,286 users

icecc-monitor Icemon

icecc monitor for KDE

1,015 users

plasma-widget-networkmanagement KNetworkManager

Network Management widget for KDE4 Plasma

30,508 users

kautoclick KAutoClick

an autoclicker for KDE

2,123 users