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knode KNode

KDE news reader

44,451 users

klogic KLogic

digital circuit editor and simulator for KDE

8,678 users

step Step

interactive physical simulator for KDE 4

35,000 users

kdesvn kdesvn

Subversion client with tight KDE integration

16,709 users

kleopatra Kleopatra

KDE Certificate Manager

22,323 users

kalcul Kalcul

mental calculation tutor for KDE

3,445 users

kdissert kdissert

mindmapping tool

14,273 users

kinfocenter KInfoCenter

system information viewer for KDE 4

13,790 users

kuiviewer KUIViewer

viewer for Qt Designer user interface files

15,684 users

kwalletmanager KWalletManager

secure password wallet manager for KDE 4

239,020 users

kvirc KVIrc 4

KDE-based next generation IRC client with module support

13,839 users

kanyremote kanyremote

KDE frontend for anyRemote

1,173 users

luckybackup luckyBackup

rsync-based GUI data backup utility

3,641 users

italc-master iTalc master interface

Intelligent Teaching and Learning with Computers (master part)

4,077 users

kdepasswd Change Password

password changer for KDE 4

241,766 users

kdbg KDbg

graphical debugger interface

10,085 users

knemo KNemo

network interfaces monitor for KDE's systray

5,377 users

parley Parley

vocabulary trainer for KDE 4

33,174 users

mnemosyne Mnemosyne

spaced repetition flash-card program

5,904 users

kepas Kepas

KDE Easy Publish and Share - Tray icon

3,057 users