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kepas Kepas

KDE Easy Publish and Share - Tray icon

3,057 users

k3dsurf K3DSurf

tool for mathematical surfaces

4,469 users

boson Boson

core package for Boson

9,639 users

kmldonkey KMLDonkey

KMLDonkey is an advanced GUI frontend for the MLDonkey P2P core.

4,581 users

kvpm KVPM

LVM frontend for KDE

2,350 users

regina-normal Regina

3-manifold topology software with normal surface support

2,407 users

rekonq rekonq

KDE web browser based on Webkit

2,058 users

marble Marble

Marble globe and map widget

44,667 users

kfilereplace KFileReplace

batch search-and-replace component for KDE 4

73,613 users

kommander-kde3 Kommander Editor

visual dialog builder and executor tool

8,608 users

kdelibs KDE Resources

core libraries from the official KDE release

40,503 users

palapeli Palapeli

Palapeli jigsaw puzzle game

6,474 users

kfloppy KFloppy

floppy formatter for KDE 4

39,458 users

klibido Klibido

usenet binary grabber for KDE

8,699 users

licq-plugin-kde Licq

graphical user interface plug-in for Licq using Qt and KDE

1,891 users

kimagemapeditor-kde3 KImageMapEditor

HTML image map editor for KDE

586 users

kxsldbg-kde3 KXSLDbg

graphical XSLT debugger for KDE

531 users

ktron KTron

Tron-like game for KDE

48,632 users

kblocks KBlocks

a falling blocks game for KDE

29,970 users

kbugbuster KBugBuster

Bugzilla client for KDE 4

15,719 users

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