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Install clicks is available in Ubuntu. [?]

ksquares KSquares

Dots and Boxes game for KDE

28,000 users

kgraphviewer kgrapheditor

a GraphViz dot graph viewer for KDE 4

1,572 users

kdelirc IRKick

infrared remote control for KDE 4

29,898 users

kid3-qt Kid3-qt

Audio tag editor

5,757 users

krecipes Krecipes

recipes manager for KDE

4,585 users

kinstaller KInstaller

application installer for KDE

3,964 users

kruler KRuler

screen ruler for KDE 4

42,055 users

licq-plugin-qt Licq

graphical user interface plug-in for Licq using Qt

9,158 users

kcachegrind KCachegrind

visualisation tool for the Valgrind profiler

20,781 users

knowit KnowIt

Tool for managing notes

1,320 users

kcolorchooser KColorChooser

color chooser and palette editor for KDE 4

22,026 users

klogshow klogshow

Display textfile on desktop

823 users

kdiff3 KDiff3

compares and merges 2 or 3 files or directories

18,379 users

kdesdk-scripts KDE SVN Build

scripts and data files for KDE 4 development

36,768 users

kkbswitch KKBSwitch

keyboard layout indicator for KDE

4,894 users

kdesnake KSnake

Snake race played against the computer

13,014 users

kmediafactory KMediaFactory

template based DVD authoring tool for KDE.

7,843 users

kmhtconvert Kmhtconvert

mht to war file converter

2,363 users

kteatime KTeaTime

KDE 4 utility for making a fine cup of tea

36,623 users

kjots KJots

note-taking utility for KDE 4

35,949 users

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