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gwenview Gwenview

image viewer for KDE 4

238,065 users

kontact Kontact

KDE pim application

237,431 users

speedcrunch SpeedCrunch

High precision calculator

236,920 users

krdc KRDC

Remote Desktop Connection client for KDE 4

235,431 users

kdepim-wizards KDE Groupware Wizard

KDE server configuration wizards

233,149 users

ksystemlog KSystemLog

system log viewer for KDE 4

229,891 users

krfb Krfb

Desktop Sharing for KDE 4

228,993 users

kmag KMag

a screen magnifier for KDE

227,477 users

kmousetool KMouseTool

KDE mouse manipulation tool for the disabled

226,923 users

kdebluetooth kbluetooth

Transitional package for kdebluetooth to kbluetooth upgrades

220,861 users

kaffeine Kaffeine

versatile media player for KDE

205,311 users

kipi-plugins KIPI Plugins

image manipulation/handling plugins for KIPI aware programs

190,788 users

kppp KPPP

modem dialer for KDE 4

183,394 users

adept Adept Installer

package management suite for KDE

178,049 users

kvkbd Kvkbd

Virtual keyboard for KDE

177,283 users

jockey-kde Hardware Drivers

KDE user interface and desktop integration for driver management

176,635 users

digikam digiKam

digital photo management application for KDE

164,518 users

kpackagekit KPackageKit

KDE package management tool using PackageKit

162,946 users

konversation Konversation

user friendly Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client for KDE

160,344 users

dragonplayer Dragon Player

simple KDE 4 video player

141,206 users

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