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kcalc KCalc

calculator for KDE 4

77,676 users

ksnapshot KSnapshot

screen capture tool for KDE 4

253,284 users

mandvd ManDVD

simple Video DVD creator

25,540 users

kpat KPatience

solitaire card games for KDE

74,800 users

kmobiletools KMobileTools

KDE application for controlling your mobile phone

25,215 users

kmail KMail

KDE Email client

250,566 users

kshisen Shisen-Sho

Shisen-Sho solitaire game for KDE

67,182 users

kbattleship KBattleship

battleship board game for KDE

73,643 users

adept Adept Installer

package management suite for KDE

178,049 users

kvkbd Kvkbd

Virtual keyboard for KDE

177,283 users

yakuake Yakuake

a Quake-style terminal emulator based on KDE Konsole technology

39,008 users

gwenview Gwenview

image viewer for KDE 4

238,065 users

kttsd kttsmgr

a Text-to-Speech system for KDE

27,722 users

blinken Blinken

KDE 4 version of the Simon electronic memory game

32,512 users

kturtle KTurtle

Logo educational programming environment for KDE 4

59,664 users

eva Eva

QQ IM protocol compatible client in KDE

5,568 users

google-gadgets-qt Google Gadgets (Qt)

Qt4 version of Google Gadgets

5,404 users

ggz-kde-client GGZap

GGZ Gaming Zone: advanced core client for KDE

5,324 users

ksysguard System Monitor

System Guard for KDE 4

257,972 users

kobby Kobby

Collaborative text editor for KDE

246 users