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Install clicks is available in Ubuntu. [?]

kblackbox KBlackBox

Black Box puzzle game for KDE

60,896 users

python-poker2d poker2D

GTK poker client to play on a poker-network server

3,741 users

kraft Kraft

small business-management application for KDE

1,902 users

systemsettings System Settings

KDE 4 System Settings

137,767 users

lskat LSkat

Lieutnant Skat card game for KDE

59,389 users

katomic KAtomic

atomix puzzle game for KDE

61,958 users

bovo Bovo

gomoku board game for KDE

28,864 users

bomber Bomber

arcade spaceship game for KDE

27,978 users

choqok Choqok

KDE micro-blogging client

3,044 users

kanagram Kanagram

jumble word puzzle for KDE 4

61,379 users

yabause-qt Yabause (Qt port)

beautiful and under-rated Saturn emulator - Qt port

1,138 users

kdf KDiskFree

disk information utility for KDE 4

54,099 users

kdepim-wizards KDE Groupware Wizard

KDE server configuration wizards

233,149 users

kjumpingcube KJumpingCube

simple tactical game for KDE

58,653 users

kplato KPlato

an integrated project management and planning tool

25,035 users

kreversi KReversi

reversi board game for KDE

61,450 users

kasablanca kasablanca

fast and free ftp client for KDE

16,239 users

lemonpos lemon

Open Source point of sale for Linux

709 users

kpackagekit KPackageKit

KDE package management tool using PackageKit

162,946 users

kgrab KGrab

screenshot utility for KDE 4

3,340 users