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kradioripper KRadioRipper

internet radio recorder

1,496 users

biblememorizer BibleMemorizer

a Bible verses memorizer

4,762 users

kformula KFormula

formula drawings for the KDE Office Suite

24,888 users

skrooge skrooge

Personal finances manager for KDE4

1,688 users

ktimetracker KTimeTracker

KDE time tracker tool

111,349 users

semantik Semantik

mindmapping-like tool for KDE

5,741 users

kchart KChart

chart drawing components for the KDE Office Suite

29,236 users

kdepim-runtime Akonaditray

Runtime components for akonadi-kde

138,407 users

krita-data Krita

data files for Krita painting program

55,987 users

kbibtex KBibTeX

BibTeX editor for KDE

16,525 users

kfax KFax

G3, G32, and G4 fax viewer for KDE 4

20,465 users

ksystemlog KSystemLog

system log viewer for KDE 4

229,891 users

kspread KSpread

a spreadsheet for the KDE Office Suite

30,616 users

ktranslator ktranslator

translate words from one language to another

5,696 users

kbruch KBruch

fraction learning aid for KDE 4

60,142 users

kchmviewer KchmViewer

CHM viewer for KDE

14,120 users

kword-data KWord

data files for KWord word processor

28,848 users

taskjuggler TaskJuggler

Project management application

8,535 users

skanlite Skanlite

image scanner for KDE 4 based on the KSane backend

7,412 users

kwordquiz KWordQuiz

flashcard learning program for KDE 4

57,386 users