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abiword AbiWord

efficient, featureful word processor with collaboration

146,975 users

155,001 users

babiloo Babiloo

dictionary viewer with multi-languages support

1,376 users

bibledit Bibledit

Bible translation tool

4,625 users

bibus Bibus

bibliographic database

3,311 users

calibre calibre

e-book converter and library management

11,521 users

conglomerate Conglomerate XML Editor

user-friendly XML editor

8,538 users

contacts-snapshot Contacts

lightweight addressbook - development version

4,416 users

datakiosk DataKiosk

juK-like database interface tool for generic SQL databases

2,576 users

dates Dates

a calendar optimised for embedded devices

5,100 users

dictionaryreader.app Dictionary Reader

Dict client for GNUstep

1,993 users

dlume Dlume

Simple and easy to use addressbook (GTK+)

1,478 users

fbreader E-book reader

e-book reader

39,789 users

efax-gtk Efax-gtk

front end in GTK+ for the efax program

9,297 users

epdfview ePDFViewer

Lightweight pdf viewer based on poppler libs

19,396 users

eqonomize Eqonomize!

personal accounting software for the small household economy

8,360 users

evolution Evolution Mail and Calendar

groupware suite with mail client and organizer

1,332,557 users

freemind Freemind

Java Program for creating and viewing Mindmaps

31,352 users

gbgoffice GbgOffice

bgoffice dictionary frontend (GTK2)

1,052 users