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openoffice.org-writer OpenOffice.org Word Processor

office productivity suite -- word processor

1,579,954 users

openoffice.org-calc OpenOffice.org Spreadsheet

office productivity suite -- spreadsheet

1,564,662 users

openoffice.org-impress OpenOffice.org Presentation

office productivity suite -- presentation

1,562,182 users

openoffice.org-math OpenOffice.org Formula

office productivity suite -- equation editor

1,379,089 users

evolution Evolution Mail and Calendar

groupware suite with mail client and organizer

1,332,557 users

openoffice.org-base OpenOffice.org Database

office productivity suite -- database

720,721 users

openoffice.org OpenOffice.org Office Suite

office productivity suite

647,272 users

wine Wine Microsoft Windows Compatibility Layer

Microsoft Windows Compatibility Layer (dummy package)

640,191 users

kaddressbook KAddressBook

KDE address book

264,659 users

kontact Kontact

KDE pim application

237,431 users

155,001 users

okular Okular

document viewer for KDE 4

138,554 users

koffice-data KOffice

common shared data for the KDE Office Suite

127,641 users

gnumeric Gnumeric Spreadsheet

spreadsheet application for GNOME - main program

115,916 users

ktimetracker KTimeTracker

KDE time tracker tool

111,349 users

orage Orage

Calendar for Xfce Desktop Environment

97,488 users

planner Project Management

project management application

84,780 users

gnucash GnuCash Finance Management

A personal finance and money tracking program

76,641 users

openclipart-openoffice.org Open ClipArt

clip art for OpenOffice.org gallery

66,718 users

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