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bibledit Bibledit

Bible translation tool

4,625 users

agenda.app SimpleAgenda

Calendar manager for GNUstep

2,222 users

viewpdf.app ViewPDF

Portable Document Format (PDF) viewer for GNUstep

8,009 users

dictionaryreader.app Dictionary Reader

Dict client for GNUstep

1,993 users

jpilot J-Pilot

graphical app. to modify the contents of your Palm Pilot's DBs

11,439 users

lokalize Lokalize

computer-aided translation system for KDE 4

9,897 users

pybliographer Pybliographic Bibliography Manager

tool for manipulating bibliographic databases

6,027 users

kbarcode KBarcode

barcode and label printing application for KDE

6,428 users

verbiste-gnome Verbiste

a French conjugation system - GNOME interface and applet

8,783 users

kword-data KWord

data files for KWord word processor

28,848 users

pytrainer pyTrainer sport training log

The Free Sport Training Center

989 users

qtstalker Qtstalker

commodity and stock market charting and technical analysis

4,702 users

referencer Referencer

GNOME Document Organiser

7,206 users

txtreader Txt Reader

text viewer, mainly used for reading novels

1,098 users

wxbanker wxBanker Finance Manager

lightweight personal finance manager

1,648 users

jabref JabRef

graphical frontend to manage BibTeX databases

8,750 users

kpresenter KPresenter

a presentation program for the KDE Office Suite

23,677 users

taxbird Taxbird

The first free Elster client (German Tax Declarations)

2,275 users

gaiksaurus GTK Aiksaurus

graphical interface to the Aiksaurus toolkit (GTK+ frontend)

2,713 users

gbirthday GBirthday

birthday reminder for Evolution Contacts

1,823 users

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