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omegat OmegaT

Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tool

1,991 users

gfax Gfax Facsimile Program

GNOME frontend for fax programs

9,936 users

mdbtools-gmdb MDB Viewer

JET / MS Access database (MDB) file viewer

27,224 users

freemind Freemind

Java Program for creating and viewing Mindmaps

31,352 users

xgnokii Xgnokii

Datasuite for mobile phone management (X interface)

16,397 users

efax-gtk Efax-gtk

front end in GTK+ for the efax program

9,297 users

koffice KOffice

KDE Office Suite

17,872 users

lyx LyX Document Processor

Document Processor

35,553 users

gcstar GCstar Collections Manager

Manage your collections of movies, games, books, music and more

12,865 users

dlume Dlume

Simple and easy to use addressbook (GTK+)

1,478 users

gtodo Todo list

GNOME to-do list manager

12,150 users

labyrinth Labyrinth Mind-mapping

lightweight mind-mapping tool

14,921 users

tasque Tasque

simple task management application

8,155 users

kile Kile

KDE Integrated LaTeX Environment

37,181 users

osmo Osmo

personal organizer for GTK+

4,999 users

kmymoney2 KMyMoney

personal finance manager for KDE

32,035 users

tora TOra

A graphical toolkit for database developers and administrators

8,337 users

prism-google-calendar Google Calendar

Google Calendar WebApp for Prism

16,128 users

contacts-snapshot Contacts

lightweight addressbook - development version

4,416 users

pdfsam pdfsam

PDF Split and Merge

8,378 users

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