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babiloo Babiloo

dictionary viewer with multi-languages support

1,376 users

datakiosk DataKiosk

juK-like database interface tool for generic SQL databases

2,576 users

rubrica Rubrica Addressbook

An addressbook for the GNOME desktop

3,564 users

kraft Kraft

small business-management application for KDE

1,902 users

pyroom PyRoom

distractionless fullscreen text editor

2,535 users

xchm xCHM

Compiled HTML Help (CHM) file viewer for X

26,537 users

bibus Bibus

bibliographic database

3,311 users

goldendict GoldenDict

a feature-rich dictionary lookup program

3,017 users

dates Dates

a calendar optimised for embedded devices

5,100 users

kplato KPlato

an integrated project management and planning tool

25,035 users

glom Glom

database designer and user interface

5,120 users

kformula KFormula

formula drawings for the KDE Office Suite

24,888 users

lemonpos lemon

Open Source point of sale for Linux

709 users

skrooge skrooge

Personal finances manager for KDE4

1,688 users

texmaker Texmaker

cross-platform LaTeX editor

24,370 users

semantik Semantik

mindmapping-like tool for KDE

5,741 users

gbgoffice GbgOffice

bgoffice dictionary frontend (GTK2)

1,052 users

ktimetracker KTimeTracker

KDE time tracker tool

111,349 users

gbonds GBonds

U.S. savings bond inventory program for GNOME

1,131 users

krita-data Krita

data files for Krita painting program

55,987 users

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