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notecase NoteCase notes manager

hierarchical note manager (aka outliner)

6,433 users

pdfshuffler PDF-Shuffler

merge, split and re-arrange pages from PDF documents

6,619 users

hocr-gtk hocr

GTK+ frontend for Hebrew OCR

3,122 users

gnotime GnoTime Tracking Tool

utility for tracking and invoicing time spent on projects

9,026 users

kchart KChart

chart drawing components for the KDE Office Suite

29,236 users

kbibtex KBibTeX

BibTeX editor for KDE

16,525 users

tasks Tasks

a simple to do manager

5,635 users

taskjuggler TaskJuggler

Project management application

8,535 users

webissues WebIssues

a network system supporting team collaboration

474 users

kspread KSpread

a spreadsheet for the KDE Office Suite

30,616 users

sqliteman Sqliteman

GUI tool for SQLite3 admin and developers alike

3,209 users

tryton-client Tryton

Tryton Application Platform (Client)

266 users

gaiksaurus GTK Aiksaurus

graphical interface to the Aiksaurus toolkit (GTK+ frontend)

2,713 users

gbirthday GBirthday

birthday reminder for Evolution Contacts

1,823 users

gnumed-client GNUmed

medical practice management - Client

1,690 users

kchmviewer KchmViewer

CHM viewer for KDE

14,120 users

taxbird Taxbird

The first free Elster client (German Tax Declarations)

2,275 users

jabref JabRef

graphical frontend to manage BibTeX databases

8,750 users

kpresenter KPresenter

a presentation program for the KDE Office Suite

23,677 users

wxbanker wxBanker Finance Manager

lightweight personal finance manager

1,648 users