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objcryst-fox Fox

Free Objects for Xtallography

365 users

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caret Caret

Computerized Anatomical Reconstruction and Editing Toolkit

420 users

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reinteract Reinteract

Worksheet-based graphical Python shell

422 users

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grinvin GrInvIn

interactive software for studying graphs and their invariants

518 users

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ugene Unipro UGENE

integrated bioinformatics toolkit

555 users

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yorick-spydr Spydr

FITS image display and simple analysis

557 users

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sixpack SIXpack

full-featured package for XAS analysis

603 users

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emboss-explorer EMBOSS Explorer

web-based GUI to EMBOSS

605 users

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harpia Harpia

Image Processing/Computer Vision Automatic Prgm. Tool

612 users

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elmer Elmer

finite element multiphysics suite - binaries

619 users

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python-ifeffit gifeffit

Python GUI interface and extensions for IFEFFIT

628 users

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massxpert massXpert

linear polymer mass spectrometry software

637 users

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z88 Z88

Finite Element Analysis Program - runtime

647 users

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horae Artemis

interactive graphical processing and analysis of EXAFS data

688 users

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frama-c Frama-C

Framework for source code analysis of software written in C

691 users

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bauble Bauble

biodiversity collection manager software application

759 users

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survex-svxedit SvxEdit Cave Survey Data Editor

survey data editor for Survex

885 users

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yorick-cubeview Cubeview

a 3D FITS data viewer specialized in spectro-imaging

889 users

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kitsune Kitsune

Program to solve mathematical problems

890 users

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melting-gui Melting

graphical interface to compute the melting temperature of nucleic acid duplex

964 users

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