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gnumeric Gnumeric Spreadsheet

spreadsheet application for GNOME - main program

115,916 users

kstars KStars

desktop planetarium for KDE 4

89,637 users

kalzium Kalzium

periodic table and chemistry tools for KDE 4

79,389 users

stellarium Stellarium

real-time photo-realistic sky generator

70,538 users

kturtle KTurtle

Logo educational programming environment for KDE 4

59,664 users

blinken Blinken

KDE 4 version of the Simon electronic memory game

32,512 users

octave3.0 GNU Octave

GNU Octave language for numerical computations (3.0 branch)

25,782 users

earth3d earth3d

Map client displaying a 3D model of the world

23,339 users

scilab Scilab

Scientific software package for numerical computations

18,545 users

wxmaxima wxMaxima

GUI for the computer algebra system Maxima

16,944 users

gcu-bin Molecules Viewer

GNOME chemistry utils (helper applications)

16,061 users

achilles Achilles Life Simulator

An artificial life and evolution simulator

15,143 users

rasmol RasMol (GTK version)

Visualize biological macromolecules

15,124 users

openuniverse OpenUniverse Space Simulator

3D Universe Simulator

14,762 users

celestia-glut Celestia (GLUT)

A real-time visual space simulation (GLUT frontend)

13,292 users

oregano Oregano

tool for schematical capture of electronic circuits

13,224 users

gperiodic GPeriodic

periodic table application

12,370 users

qtoctave QtOctave

A Qt front-end to Octave

10,977 users

euler Euler

interactive mathematical programming environment

10,359 users

ksimus KSimus Circuit Simulator

KDE tool for simulating electrical circuits

9,728 users

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